Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making it a business

I want this business to really take off and become a substantial source of income for my family! I feel as though I have put myself out there on the internet as best as I 1. can afford, and 2. know how! Eventually, hopefully soon, I want to order business cards as well. I suppose in the mean time I could make them, hence it is a handmade business!

If I put myself on the social networking sites, and then add in handing out business cards I should stir up substantial business....I hope! I know that the items I am making are in fact more than just cute, but also useful and practical. People buy practical everyday. Snaps instead of velcro...that's practical because I have personally been annoyed with velcro on bibs--especially in my washer! I take pride in what I make, thereby making it of even greater quality than mass produced bibs.

I have a passion for what I am making. I think about it all the time. I am constantly thinking of how to get them to more people! I don't know it all, but I know enough to start, and I know I will continue to learn as I go! I will be a success story! It's going to take patience, but I have plenty of it, so I'm in good shape!

I love what I'm doing. And I'll make it!

Two shops...?

I just created my second online store at They do have a good point: No selling fees. If you remember my blog about etsy vs ebay...Etsy is cheaper to sell on than ebay, and ArtFire is still free all around...what's a girl to do?? I'm thinking that I may eventually switch over to selling on just one, but then again, I could get exposure on three different sites...hmm...

ArtFire is fee, so it makes total sense to stay on that site. Etsy has a great following and I've made good contacts there, and it costs $.34 to sell each item. Ebay is about $.70 for the most basic listing and then 8.75% of final sale price, which would be around $.40 for a total of about $1.10 for every listing! But ebay gets a lot of sales for the items I'm making!!! I suppose if I increase my price from $5 to $6 it could make up that cost! Maybe if I had an ebay store? That's worth looking into I suppose. Maybe there are benefits to having a store on their site!

This Weekend...

This weekend I will be making and listing Lightning McQueen baby-to-toddler bibs, along with a couple of others! I can't wait to get started! It's a beautiful print of the red race car amid racing flags! The back will be solid red! I received two sales yesterday, and one of them was an order of 2 bibs! I am so excited! This will allow me to start posting on ebay with the "Buy it now" option! They require some initial positive feedback, so this will help me get those numbers up!

I think I will make the most of my morning, and try to get some work done with the kids still sleeping!