Sunday, June 14, 2009

Price changes...again!

After a lot of thought, I have decided it is more important to me to have more sales with smaller profit per item, than a few sales with high profits. So I have cut my prices drastically!! I have figured the precise cost per item, and priced it according to that! I believe it makes more sense to sell 100 bibs, making $50 profit than to only sell 10 bibs making $ in theory $60 for only 10 sounds great, but in reality it could take me months to sell 10 at higher prices! I want my creations out there, being useful, showing the love I have for what I do! Love is priceless, so I'm taking a profit cut per item, because I know what is most important to me is quantity of sales and loyal following of buyers! Besides, I want to stay busy with my sewing and if I'm not getting lots of sales regularly what am I doing with my "sewing" time??

So enjoy the new prices! I know you will enjoy both the pricing and the product! I love making them and am very fond of them! :o)


After thinking over what my time and items are worth, I bit the bullet and increased my prices a bit. Each item is time consuming, as I make sure that it is quality work! In addition to that, the bibs grow with the child, from about 5 months on through their toddler years! It's essentially two in one! I know that my customers will be pleased with their purchase! Starting this business has been more involved that I originally thought--and I had originally thought it was to be somewhat hard, so that's saying something! Networking alone takes up most of the time. Researching prices, promoting ideas, and the like probably come in second! And don't forget the cut in profits while getting my items out there! Ebay requires a minimum number of feedback before you can list as Buy it Now, but in auctions you can't get what you originally wanted for your listings, so that's an investment of itself. Keeping my work practical, and trendy is a must for my business! I want to produce something that is a necessity, but also desirable--in other words both the parent and the child have to like the product! I love what I do, and I will do what it takes to make it work as a business, even if that means making some changes every now and again!

Kiwi Blog

MeshaSuicide, from has one of the most inspiring blogs I've read! Always interesting and fun to read! So much realism comes from her writing! Definitely an inspiration for other bloggers to step it up! I myself have just recently started, and while still getting the hang of it all, am motivated greatly by Mesha's writing to keep working at it! If you haven't checked her blog out yet, you should! And I say this knowing full well it will put mine to shame! But I suppose part of having a good blog is linking up with other good reads, right?! The Shopping Kiwi is my absolute favorite read! I was thinking the other day that it would be totally cool if she took her posts and just printed them into a book! That would be great--people could give them as gifts! I'd totally buy her book!

Well, I'm off to do some more reading on her blog! The kids are behaving and it's my opportunity to catch up on the happens of Mesha! :0)